US Homeowner Who Shot Down Spying Drone Faces Charges

Will Meredith from Kentucky was warned of a drone hovering over his back garden where his daughters were playing. It had been hovering over his neighbour’s gardens and had been working its way along the row of houses.

Three shots from the Benelli shotgun owned by Will and the drone was no more. The invasion of his privacy, and his daughters, by an intrusive drone was over.

Oddly the police did not see it that way and those in Hillview arrested Will and charged him with offences relating to the discharge of a firearm. This is America remember!

Looks like if you’d like to get into burglary and what to case a few houses in a remote area then just get yourselves a drone. Fly it over the properties and the owners can do nothing about it. We can’t see this lasting for long. LINK


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