Microsoft Windows 10 – What A Penny Pinching Little Scam!

This is hard to believe but it is true. Microsoft have ‘given’ users Windows 10; for the moment. We’ll see how that pans out over time and at what point they will ‘not support’ it without a subscription. One would have thought that it would come with all the bells and whistles, plus a few more, we have all become used to. That would obviously include the games.

Try playing Solitaire on Win-Ten and you’ll get a pop-up banner. It offers you the chance to ‘Upgrade to Premium’ for a monthly payment or for 1 year subscription. The cheeky gits. If you decide, quite rightly, to tell Microsoft to ‘stick it up their arse’ then the 30-second advert will pop-up after every game.

Are Microsoft really that hard up? Charging for Solitaire? Pitiful.


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