A Tale Of Two Speakers – Australia & UK

Ever heard of Bronwyn Bishop? She was working as the Speaker in the Australian Parliament. You could think of her as the Australian equivalent to our John Bercow. Now poor Bronwyn went and got herself caught up in an expenses scandal. Now that sounds familiar.

Bronwyn went and used public money to charter a helicopter so as she could turn-up at a political fundraising event. Trouble was she then went on to claim expenses to go to a colleagues wedding. To make it even worse there was more than one wedding to attend.

Now when it comes to the helicopter trip she has agreed that she will pay back the A$5,000 (around £2,300) and she has also offered her resignation. Seems a tad harsh but the Department of Finance has now decided it will review her travel claims of the last 10 YEARS!

Which brings us back to John Bercow. You see over the past year he has claimed for travel and accommodation as well. Dear John is in a completely different league though. Never mind a trifling A$5,000 (£2,300) for a helicopter flight she could have used her state car for. No, John clocked up £31,400 including £13,000 for a trip TO Australia and a £1,000 car trip from Halifax to London!

It’s a funny old world. Bronwyn Link John Link

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