“Enough Is Enough” As Sam-Cam Puts Her Foot Down Once And For All

Having seen him wear the same blue, short-sleeved shirt for the last 6 years Sam Cam has finally had enough. While on their 7th holiday of the year {it might be their 8th} Sam decided that it had to stop so has bought him a number of variations. It’s now down to Dodgy-Dave to decide which one to choose but there lies the problem.

Given the bloke has never taken responsibility for any decision he has made over the last 6 years it seems unlikely he is going to start now. That’s where you come in dear readers!

Look through the Cameron Catwalk and decide for him which colour suits him best. Then just vote in the usual way. All we ask is that, for the sake of the sanity of poor Sam, you do not choose blue.

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