The Great Marmite Mystery – Love It Or Hate It?

Yes, Marmite. That strange, dark, sticky, almost chewable paste that at times seems more like a glue. Have you looked at it lately? It suddenly has a brownish hue; where did that come from? So what is the big mystery?

The mystery is why it is that, when it has so obviously changed its appearance, would the makers of Marmite deny any alteration in the manufacturing? A spokesman has even stated, “The major ingredient of Marmite yeast extract paste has remained rigidly unchanged”.

Thinking we have swallowed that line the spokesman drops his guard and reveals that, “owing to changes in the availability of materials, and improvement of manufacturing methods we have been forced to adapt these, but their character has been rigorously retained.” Ha! Got you!

That would explain how they have been able to unveil a few variations in the form of “Summer of Love” and our favourite the 2008 Guinness version. {Inspired by F. Cloake}


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