The Lords – An ‘Old Boys’ Club For The PMs’ Mates

The House of Lords managed to pay out £100,000 in allowances in the last parliamentary session and it went to people who didn’t even bother to vote. Between 2010 and 2015 62 peers didn’t bother either yet managed to claim £360,000. Nearly £6,000 each to come in and sit in the warm.

It doesn’t pan out like that though. It seems that £236,000 of that £360,000 was actually claimed by ONLY 10 of them! So now we are looking at £23,600 each!

Of course if you are one of the privileged ones and can claim £300-a-day then it is really quite easy to run up a decent amount.

Dodgy-Dave is lining up another 50 additional peers to give him a majority in any vote and that will boost the overall cost of the House of Lords to a minimum of £1,300,000 a year.

The claim that it is a ‘second chamber’ is also a very dodgy one as it is totally unrepresentative of society. Over a third of them have been professional politicians and over a half of them are over 70. Our youth are represented by just TWO who manage to creep under the 40 year old bar.

Nearly half of them live either in London or in the South Eastwell that makes it a lot easier to pop-in for 20 minutes and claim your £300-a-day!

House-of-Lords-Full House

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