Education Minister Thinks Reading Might Help Young Children – Amazing!

Nicky Morgan-Gove uses her 15 week holiday to come up with a brilliant plan! She has come up with the idea that 8 year-olds should JOIN THE LOCAL LIBRARY! Staggering!

Well we can now all see why she is paid the big-bucks with this amazing insight into education. Trotting out the usual old tosh that politicians claim when they finally come up with an idea she wants to “make our young people the most literate in Europe”.

What Morgan-Gove doesn’t seem to have spotted is what is blindingly obvious to everyone else. Government cuts have closed libraries all over the country and where they have not been closed their hours have been dramatically reduced.

To further display her ignorance Morgan-Gove then stated: “No matter where they live or what their background, every single child in this country deserves the opportunity to read, to read widely, and to read well – it’s a simple matter of social justice.”

We just couldn’t make stuff like this up!!


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