Louise Mensch Manages To Un-Think Katie Hopkins – Quite An Achievement

Munchkin was looking to smear Labour party members and generally have one of her pointless little rants. Never on a Friday though, she doesn’t have time to do anything on a Friday, ask Dodgy-Dave. It involved the autocomplete on her tablet. There was a problem though.

Poor old Munchkin doesn’t know her arse from her elbow and has no idea how autocomplete actually works. She managed to get screenshots of her twitter searches {somebody must have shown her how to do this} and claimed they showed that some Labour supporters were anti-Semitic. In actual fact what they showed was that SHE had typed the offensive phrases in herself. Further Info.

After a grown-up had explained this to her she did admit that they were screenshots of her own search history. We are not sure if even Katie Hopkins is quite this dumb. Hard to believe that there were people who voted for her so as she could be a part-time MP with Dodgy-Dave’s permission.

Munchkin Gets Involved In A Bit Of Tidying-Up {pre-surgery?}


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