Brandon Lewis MP – ‘But I Haven’t Broken Any Of The Rules’

Brandon Lewis, MP for Great Yarmouth, has demonstrate yet another case where the rules for MPs stink. From the outset it’s worth remembering the ‘rules’ will always suit them because they made the bloody things up in the first place!

Lewis owns a home in Essex – not quite a million miles away from Westminster in London. However he’s managed to clock up a bill for the taxpayer of £31,000 for staying in a London hotel rather than travel that very, very long way home.

As is usual in these cases he put out a weasel-worded statement about, ‘all the claims complied with parliamentary rules’. A toady from his office added that it was alright because it had been approved by the sham called the (Non)-Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, otherwise referred to as ‘all our old mates’. LINK

Even though the claims were ‘approved’ Lewis didn’t dare scrimp on his accommodation and stayed at the Park Plaza Hotel coming in at £450 for 3-nights and £750 for 5-nights. We wouldn’t want him feeling deprived or left out now would we?

Yes, he IS allowed to claim for these hotel stays but that’s only because the whole system stinks and is designed for the benefit of a bunch of chancers and certainly not for the public purse.

Expenses From Wikipedia

Lewis ran for Parliament in 2010 on a “clean expenses pledge”, pledging to be “completely open about my expenses”. In 2010-2011 Lewis claimed just over £15,000 in accommodation expenses and in 2011-12 and 2012-13 he claimed just under £21,500 for accommodation. Labour MPs called upon IPSA to investigate whether Lewis was using taxpayer funds for inappropriate political purposes after it was revealed that he had claimed £37,000 for “research briefing and other parliamentary associated assistance” to a political campaign consultancy.

brandon lewis alright

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