So Who Is Pulling John Chilcot’s Strings?

So why has the Inquiry into the Iraq War taken this long and why is it now going to take even longer?

There is a point in time for the public where the word Delay starts to sound a lot like Cover-Up. The fact that this involves so many shady political figures only enhances that suspicion. Figures like Tony Bliar, George Bush, Jack ‘only £7k a day’ Straw, Geoff ‘we will find weapons of mass destruction’ Hoon, Alastair Campbell along with a crowd security faces.

There is a suggestion that the delay {cover-up} is due to the Maxwellisation process which basically says that if the report says anything about you then you have the right of reply. What Chilcot never thought to do was to give them a time-limit. Guess what? The suggestion is that some of them have claimed this right and then done bugger all, effectively sealing-up the whole inquiry.

Others suggest the report is such a load of old cobblers it’s too embarrassing to publish the heap of tosh as it’s been a complete white-wash. Will we ever know?


4 April 2002 – Blair is persuaded of threats of WMD

6 April 2002 – Blair has a weekend with Bush in Texas

7 April 2002 – Blair talks about ‘regime change’

June 2002 – Blair asks the military to outline UK options

24 Sept 2002 – The Dodgy Dossier appears claiming WMD ‘ready in 45 minutes’

18 July 2003 – David Kelly is found dead

14 July 2004 – Butler Review states intelligence used for attack was unreliable

30 Dec2005 – Saddam Hussein is executed

28 May 2009 – British combat troops leave Iraq

24 Nov 2009The Chilcot Inquiry holds its first hearing

2 Feb 2011The Chilcot Inquiry holds its final hearing

Since then all we have had from Chilcot is dilly and dally and we are left wondering who the thing has been for? John Chilcot has certainly done rather well out of it ‘thank-you very much’!


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