Cameron Is So Full Of It He Even Swims In The Cak These Days

A Truly Shocking Tale

Poor old Dodgy-Dave usually spends the days talking an utter load of crap. He spends his time mixing with a right load of crap and is so far ‘up-himself’ he actually believes all his own crap. Well it seems that while on holiday this year he has gone the full circle.

Swimming in the sea at Polzeath Beach, Cornwall took on a new twist for Dodgy and Sam last Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately, {he, he, he} South West Water had just pumped untreated human effluent, crap to you and us, straight into the sea at Polzeath Beach.

Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.

mouth closed

Swimming in crap is, as one can imagine, not very nice but the health concerns are far more significant. An expert explained, “There could be anything from a small health risk such as skin, eye, ear, or throat infections to much more serious conditions such as E.coli or hepatitis.”

The expert had this warning for Dodgy-Dave and Sam, “The Camerons could have been at risk – it depends when they went out and what type of spills there were.”

mouth too late

South West Water have gone to great lengths to explain how this occurred and insist that there is no connection, whatsoever, with the release of the untreated crap and Dodgy-Dave swimming at the time. Honest.

So what goes around really does come around.

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