How Could Anybody Possibly Suggest Dodgy-Dave Thinks He Is Better Than All Of Us?

Well he does whether you like it or not. How is your mobile phone signal? Do you have to hang out of the window or walk down to the end of the garden to make a call? Around here in Dorset and on TheField that is quite common. Naturally it also makes a difference to our supposedly High-Speed Broadbandall total cak. Ed Vaizey will show his face now and again and claim wonderful things for communications in this country but even he must know he is talking utter bollox.

Our chancer of a PM likes to holiday down in Cornwall – one of the very, very few sensible choices the bloke has ever made. The trouble is, thanks to the Vaizey cock-up of a roll-out, the signal down at Polzeath is pretty damn cak.

Truth be told, it’s been cak for a very long time for ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN POLZEATH through the year. Nobody, and certainly Vaizey, seems to have bothered about this but now Dodgy-Dave can’t get a signal something will happen – who would have thunk it?

So as Sam Cam and Dodgy-Dave can get a signal while on holiday they are going to build a 100ft mast at the picturesque resort. To be fair, Dave and Sam do have about 9 holidays a year so you can see where they are coming from.

Now you knew it was coming and here it is – who is going to pay for this mast and how much will it cost?

Simple – the 100ft phone mast is going to be paid for by us Tax-Payers and it’s only going to cost us £300,000. You really couldn’t make stuff like this up. £300,000 so as Dodgy-Dave can play Angry Birds online does sound like he thinks he’s a bit special to us.

Dodgy explained the problem, “As I go down a hill into Polzeath, I know exactly which bit of the road I lose my signal,” the PM raged to Cornish paper the Western Morning News. “It is a problem. I know where to go to get a signal, but it can be very frustrating.”

Notice he does not include the slightest concern for the local residence who have to live with this the whole time; what a butt-hole. Every day thousands of people have to live and work without a decent phone signal because his Government can’t get their act together to sort it. Now they’re spending taxpayers’ money so the PM can get a phone signal on his multiple holidays. He really does think he’s better than the rest of us.

phone mast david-cameron-holi_3416034k

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