The Return Of Rebekah Brooks May Not Go Quite As Smoothly As Hoped

Well here is a little video that might open up a can of worms. Mark Hanna, a former soldier, was the director of security at News International at the time of the phone hacking trial. He was cleared along with Rebekah Brooks of involvement in the naughty things that were going on at the Murdouche Press. Hanna had been accused of helping The Ginger One to remove all the documents that suggested she was ‘in it’ up to her neck.

He had thought he was going to get his old job back and, on hearing rumours that Brooks was set for a return, started waiting for a phone call to tell him when. He was a tad pissed when he found he had been made redundant by News UK – the new name for the old Murdouche News International.

We think it’s fair to say that he is not a happy bunny and has now, via a video, threatened to spill the beans. Here is that video –

Shame he didn’t think to set the camera for Landscape – d’oh!

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