So Just How Much Got Paid Out For The Two Collapsed Sex Abuse Inquires?

IF you are old enough you might remember back to when Tess May blew her own trumpet by announcing an Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse. She appointed as the chairman the friend of Leon Brittan, Baroness Butler-Sloss. Well that went tits-up in no time whatsoever.

Tess then got hold of Fiona Woolf to do the job but it soon became very clear that she was so far up the Establishment backside she might never, ever come down. That all ended in tears on Halloween 2014 when Fiona resigned having seen the light.

This farce was brought to an end in February this year when Lowell Goddard was appointed although nobody seems to have noticed her doing anything in some 7 months!

The thing is a small panel had been brought together from day one. They had been meeting for a day a week since then. Hardly surprising really – they were on £565 a day! Nearly double the House of Lords rate!!

What that all boils down to is that up until April this year this ‘band of brothers’ have managed to clear a very handsome £157,145.18. I thank-you! It really is very difficult to find what we got for that near £160K – with Tess May though and the rest of them that’s not unusual.

All this fades into the distance though when we remind ourselves what Lowell Goddard is picking up – a £360,000 salary with up to £110,000 a year for rent and £12,000 for utilities on top. For the 7 months she has done already she’s picked up £210,000I thank-you very much!


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