As Always – Take Care Over What You ‘Thought’ Dodgy-Dave Said

This is a section of the statement Dodgy gave to the House earlier today:

But given the scale of the crisis and the suffering of the Syrian people it is right that we should do much more. So Mr Speaker, we are proposing that Britain should resettle up to 20,000 Syrian refugees over the rest of this Parliament. In doing so we will continue to show the world that this is a country of extraordinary compassion always standing up for our values and helping those in need.

Finally, on this part of the statement, and in full accordance with internationally agreed rules, we will also ensure that the full cost of supporting thousands of Syrian refugees in the UK will be met through our aid spending for the first year, easing the burden on local communities.

These were the carefully worded items we picked out that are wide open to the Dodgy-Dave Body-Swerve.

  • Up To 20,000
  • Over The Rest Of This Parliament
  • The Full Cost Of Supporting Thousands of Syrian Refugees
  • Met Through Our Aid Spending For The First Year

Let’s take the first one: ‘Up To’. So we might just resettle ONE refugee. That would satisfy his weasel words. We might even go up to 20,000 but there is no guarantee about that. Wriggle room number 1.

Now let’s check his next dodgy phrase. This means there is no pressure for him to do ANYTHING at the moment. As long as he can show he has done something by the start of 2020 then he’s fulfilled his statement. He could dally about for three years, let the rest of Europe deal with the crisis today, and then pick up what has been left. Loads of wriggle room here.

Now here is one for the accountants and lawyers! What does ‘full cost’ mean? What could they claim as being normal support anyway so there is only a limited level above that which needs to be compensated for? This is wide open.

This one is classic Dodgy-Dave. For the first year means that after that you are on your own when it comes to funding! It means he’ll take the glory for the first year and after that he’s washing his hands of the situation he will have been responsible for. Typical D-D.

Well you might trust him – we wouldn’t trust him to tell us day from night.

read between the lines

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2 Responses to As Always – Take Care Over What You ‘Thought’ Dodgy-Dave Said

  1. lindsay400 says:

    Good stuff. The most important EU issue….ever? Germany grasp the nettle big time, Greece and Turkey face up to what’s in front of them,….and UK dithers and slithers.Can’t risk upsetting UKIPpers as we approach a referendum. But Osborne will get even shorter shrift in his forlorn and laughable attempts to “renegotiate” (without a chance of it coming anywhere near a treaty) UK’s relationship with EU. Its a lose lose…..


    • As Frazier used to say – “We’re doomed!”. All Dodgy does is look to distance himself from the fan – must have learnt that from his mentor Tory Blair. How are you these days? So nice this time of year with all the ‘Back to School’ stuff! Cheers, good to hear from you.


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