British Justice – RIP

We’ve never liked Michael Forlorn-Hope. Dreadful man. Even worse is he’s a creep and toad. The first one to lick the arse of the one above him on the ladder but to hear him defending state assassination turns a new corner.

He drags out, Tory Blair like, a few cronies who are more than happy to proclaim that the action was “perfectly legal”. Trinkets and titles for them are in the post.

Lots of ‘security implications’ and ‘national security’ lines being thrown around along with the old ‘unable to reveal sources for fear of compromising our agent’. All fairly standard fare for an unjustifiable action.

So we are now a nation that kills our citizens on foreign shores. Forget all about ‘due process’. We are reminded of Georgi Markov in 1978 and Alexander Litvinenko in 2006. Now Dodgy-Dave and Forlorn-Hope have taken us down that same road.

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