Is THIS The Greatest Invention Since Sliced Bread?

This has to be right up there. Let us introduce to you the Self-Heating Butter Knife!!! No more having to remember to leave the butter out of the fridge before you need it. This is a titanium-alloyed bronze wand, with its upper edge dully serrated. Used for paring chilled butter in thin, readily smear-able strips.

This is, without doubt, the most advanced butter knife the world has ever seen. It IS the work of a genius. It uses the heat from your hand to heat the special blade that then cuts through the butter to produce a spaghetti effect – in real terms just thin rolls of butter. It has great potential but the hand warming element {see what we did there?} is a low point.

What would work is a ‘knife’ you could put into the microwave and then use to spread butter straight from the fridge. If any of you see one then remember you saw the idea here first.

butter knife heated

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