Donald Dump Becomes Totally Confused When Confronted By Men With Integrity

Warning about the language found in the quotes: 18

Donald Dump had the cheek to walkout at a rally to the REM hit “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” without even thinking about asking permission – the arrogant git. Michael Stipe was not best pleased, quite rightly, and told him what he thought about the high jacking of his intellectual property.

“Go fuck yourselves, the lot of you – you sad, attention-grabbing, power-hungry little men. Do not use our music or my voice for your moronic charade of a campaign.”

Dump is a dreadful suggestion to run anything only made worse when you remember another candidate is Jebber Bush, the less intelligent brother of George, along with Mrs Clinton. Add these to our bunch of 3rd rate chancers and you have to wonder how on earth these clueless geeks get the chance to run anything.

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