Researchers Make An Amazing Discovery Concerning Obesity

A highly qualified team at the University of Cambridge have been working on how portion size on your plate might affect your weight. They have come to a dramatic conclusion and one that nobody here at TheField could have predicted.

It seems that, and this is truly incredible, by reducing the portion size it could help reverse the obesity epidemic sweeping the nation. It would seem that eating less may well be the key to the problem that then leads to type-2 diabetes. LINK

There are two elements to this it would seem. The first is that crockery has gradually increased in size and what was a dinner plate in the past is now regarded as a side plate. What was a serving bowl is now the standard size for a dinner plate.

Standard shop-bought foods have also seen this Food-Inflation over the last 20 years. A shop bought shepherd’s pie has now almost doubled in size. Individual packets of crisps are so overpriced that a large bag is a much better buy but is still consumed in one sitting. Pies now come as much as 40% bigger than before and the supermarket desire to offer Multi-Buys certainly doesn’t help.

At the end of the day though – we don’t actually have to eat everything we see, now do we?

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