While Pig-Lover Cameron Has Friends Like Peter Bonehead And Tim Worstall He’ll Just Carry On

The Pig-Lover is keen to emphasise ‘moving on’ while on his trip to Jamaica but, given his heritage, that’s hardly surprising. What is even more startling are the supporters who have appeared from out of the slurry to defend his position.

Peter Bonehead, a bloke who always seems to have loads of free time when the TV comes calling, and who pays his wife with our money, makes you wonder what he does all day, will always appear as Chief Sycophant at the drop of a hat. Last night though we heard a certain Tim Worstall come out with some of the biggest load of tripe we’ve heard for a long time.

It occurred on ‘Up All Night’ with Rhod Sharp. The discussion was about the need for an apology for the slave trade and to consider reparation for what happened. What Worstall said was quite staggering and can be summed up as –

 “Well if they’d stayed in Africa they wouldn’t be as well off as they are now! They should be grateful. They’ve got nothing to moan about; they are much better off where they are now!”

You can hear the jaws drop in the studio. Here is the link to the recording and you need to slide up to 39:10 for the start of it. LINK (28 days from 30/09/2015)

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2 Responses to While Pig-Lover Cameron Has Friends Like Peter Bonehead And Tim Worstall He’ll Just Carry On

  1. The descendants of those enslaved are better off than the descendants of those who were not enslaved. That’s just a simple fact. And given that it is true there cannot be a case for reparations.


    • So the suffering of their ancestors was all worth it then? The end justifies the means. “You take that beating son because your great, great, great grandson is going to be so much better off thanks to you.” What a very strange logic you have.


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