After The Tory Love-In It’s Time For Little Reflection

The mood in the office here at TheField Central has been remarkably jovial this week. Many of us had expected to get very upset as we heard Tory-Tosser after Tory-Tosser talk cobblers. What happened was that they came out with such complete and utter Fantasy-World Cock-and-Bull that none of us could get excited. Is was just so full of cak it was both laughable and pitiful.

What we were left to reflect on was how, in 13 years, their thinking has not move forward one single inch. Yes, 13 years of which 6 of them have been as the ‘government’. The clearest demonstration of this simple truth is the totally absurd Tess May. Someone who actually imagines she could be a Prime Minister. True, she sees the only thing in her way to be Gideon but, never the less, to think she could be Prime Minister!! Jeremy Isa Hunt has got more chance!!!! {Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!}

So let’s just remind ourselves of the speech she gave back in 2002. She could have used it yesterday.

There’s a lot we need to do in this party of ours. Our base is too narrow and so, occasionally, are our sympathies. You know what some people call us – The Nasty Party.

I know that’s unfair. You know that’s unfair but it’s the people out there we need to convince – and we can only do that by avoiding behaviour and attitudes that play into the hands of our opponents. No more glib moralising, no more hypocritical finger-wagging.

We need to reach out to all areas of our society.”

Tess Stopping To Take A Whizz

Tess Stopping To Take A Whizz

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