When Is A New School Not A New School? When It’s An Annex(e)!

This is the latest utter bollox from Nicky Morgan-Gove and the Gibb Brother Nick.

Back in 1998 a Law was passed that said you could not build a new Grammar School. The Public School educated Morgan-Gove and Gibb don’t like this Law so have made up the biggest load of old tosh imaginable and then sit there bare-faced saying they haven’t.

The Weald of Kent School in Tonbridge is a grammar school and feels that it would like to expand. No problem there; buy up the farmers field next door and extend the overall footprint of the school. The school has expanded and nobody can get upset. You’ve guessed it, they can’t get a field next door. The growth of the school will now be in an annex which is going to be on a site in Sevenoaks, Kent a mere 7 or 13 miles depending which way you go.

Now if the likes of a Privately Educated political elite want Grammar schools then fine, go ahead. But do it the right way. Change the Law and then call it what it is; a brand new Grammar School. Don’t come out with all this utter bollox we think little enough of you as it is.

the weald school

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