What’s The Point Of Having Floodlights If They Are No Bloody Use?

After 4 days of utter tedium the England Test match against Pakistan finally burst into life in the last 2 hours of the total of 5 days. The Pakistan wickets tumbled one after another and they were suddenly in a spot of trouble. Things got worse as they then lost all their wickets leaving England needing just 99 to win.

Of course, with cricket, it’s never that easy. Now in theory they had 19 overs to get those 99 runs – just over 5 runs an over. The trouble is they ‘only’ had 50 min of play left so, if Pakistan took forever to bowl each ball, they might not bowl all 19 overs.

“They’ve got floodlights” we hear you say and, as everyone knows, all these players are used to playing Twenty20 cricket under lights. They don’t count here. So they have floodlights but they are no bloody use – brilliant {excuse the pun}.

Then we look at the role of the umpires whose job it is to see fair play. So when Pakistan are making 5 field changes between each ball bowled they just carry on doing it because neither umpire can be arsed to say anything. All they want to do is look at their light-toys and then take the teams off the pitch.

So England still have 6 wickets left, need only 25 runs to win, have not complained about being in danger from the ball, with the floodlights on full and having suffered all this far for 5 days the umpires end the match by walking off. What a complete and utter load of crap.

If the intention is to end Test match cricket then this is exactly the way to go about it.

Oh Look, The Floodlights Are On


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