So What Was Giddy Osborne Hoping Would Happen?

The Millionaire Osborne doesn’t understand the value of money. Why would he? It means nothing to him because he’s got loads of it and wants for nothing. That wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t show such obvious contempt for everyone who is less wealthy than he is. Whether he feels that or not is neither here nor there – the fact is his smug, arrogance displays that every second and is something he ought to worry about.

His plan was to get rid of a Labour idea. Labour had spotted that money grabbing, cheap skate Tory bosses where paying their workers as little as they could get away with and just creaming off the profits. Labour should have taken on the Tory bosses but they wilted, half of them being Tory-Lite as it was, and instead looked to top-up the low wages. In itself a laudable move but not the best solution.

As Tory bosses became meaner and meaner Giddy Osborne found himself with an ever-increasing Wages-Top-Up bill. He, again, should have sorted out the Tory bosses but of course they are all his Tory mates! He’s not going to shit on their doorstep now is he?

So Giddy went to the other end and decided to attack the poorest in our society – what a nasty bloke. Currently you can earn £6,420 and still qualify for Working Tax Credits. Now before we move on let’s just check that figure a moment. MPs just got their ‘independent’ mates to award them a pay rise of £10,000. Yes, a rise on top of what they earn of £10,000! You can’t help but think they are taking the piss.

So from a cut-off point of £6,420 Giddy wanted to reduce that to just £3,850 after which there is no top-up! You have to be particularly Nasty to come up with that idea. Now the bollox that Giddy and his cronies have been trying, and failing, to peddle on every media outlet they can get their face on, is that by 2020 everything will be wonderful. You really can’t make bollox like this up – and given his pitiful record of predicting economic outcomes – why would you?

It’s also worth noting that THEY didn’t wait until 2020 for their pay-rise but got in quick hoping that come the next election most people will have forgotten what money grabbing gits they are. Some chance!

As a final little Nasty Tory Twist this graphic from the Resolution Foundation shows how the very poor lose out but those who are just a little bit better off are the ones that benefit!! So the very poor people will never vote Tory, so stuff them, but a middle-earning couple might just do that. What a cynical bastard.

tax credits winners and losers

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