The Denial Of Cameron; Not Just Threes Times But SIX Times

Dodgy-Dave was given the opportunity to put people minds at rest six times today and he denied them an answer every single time. Even for a politician the request was pretty simple. Shifty-Eyed Cameron was asked if he could guarantee that nobody will worse off as a result of cuts to tax credits.

His blatant refusal to answer the question not once, not twice but SIX times means the answer is blindingly obvious. People WILL be worse off as a result of changes he and his Space-Cadet Giddy {who looked right ‘out-of-it’ today} have decided to make above making other choices. If he believes that is right then as an honourable man he should stand up, declare some people will lose out and then defend his decision.

However, Dodgy-Dave is a spineless git. He doesn’t have a pair and doesn’t have the bottle to stand there and tell the truth. Tory Bliar was a right chancer, and still is, but Dodgy-Dave has managed to bring the post of Prime Minister down to new previously undiscovered depths. The “Six Times” tag might just be something that gets hung around his neck and may well prove to be his demise.

666 trying to tell us something

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