Despite Strong Competition Philip Davies Emerges Again As One Of The Nastiest Tories About

You’d have thought that saving the NHS money by being a carer the government would be very grateful. Not so with this nasty, spiteful crowd.

Julie Cooper put forward a Bill to exempt carers from all parking charges when they visit their hospital. Given that the visit can take a long time and you can’t tell how long it might take then this is not an unreasonable suggestion.

Unless, of course, you are a heartless tory MP with a frontal lobotomy. First up was Alistair Burt, a social care minister no less, who gave a waffling speech to say to leave it to the hospitals. Great leadership there. A few other pointless backbenchers then warmed to their sick task and prattled on, saying nothing, to try and talk-out The Cooper Bill.

Then on came the utterly spineless and gutless Philip ‘I always hang about late at the commons waiting for my free meal voucher’ Davies who proceeded to drone on for 90 minutes. Yes, 90 minutes of utter twaddle with then Chope, tory git from along in Christchurch, adding another 30 minutes of tory filibuster. Utter lowlife.

They talked the Bill out not by reasoned argument but by spineless parliamentary procedure. We assume they do manage to sleep at night, presumably hanging upside down. LINK

You may have heard of Philip Davies before as the tory git who shares a flat with the totally failed tory MP Esther McVilethey clearly make a lovely pair.

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