Looks Like Downing Street Reads TheField On A Regular Basis

It’s like something we’d do. Regular readers are familiar with our Photoons where we like to slightly bend the truth to make a point. Seems we have a fan down in that-there London who seems to live at 10 Downing Street no less!

Seems old Dodgy-Dave had forgotten to buy a poppy this year and didn’t think that looked good on the Interweb. What to do? What to do? Well, as we could have told him, he called up his Photoshop friend to put the matter right.

They had a quick look through some old pictures of Dodgy, found one where his face wasn’t too red or shiny, and then, with a quick ‘Copy and Paste’ they popped a poppy on him!

fake poppy picture

Of course what they should have done is put his favourite Peppa-Pig on him!


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