Dodgy-Dave Realizes His Sad Attempt To Filibuster PMQs Has Not Worked

Dodgy-Dave thought he’d come up with a super wizard wheeze. He reckoned that given PMQs is scheduled to last 30 minutes all he’d have to do is fill the time up. He thought that if he did this then he could avoid those pesky questions that the opposition have been asking recently.

They have been asking these before but he’s now got a considerably more thoughtful adversary. He’s willing to keep re-framing the question thereby showing, for even some of the dumbest tories, that Dodgy-Dave never answers a question. The wizard wheeze was to get a load of plants to ask simple pre-prepared questions that Dodgy could waffle on about. The more he waffled, he reasoned, the less time there would be for real questions.

John Bercow rumbled this. Like a good referee he decided the game should last the ‘full 90 minutes’ so simply added on ‘injury’ time. Dodgy didn’t like the fact that he had been rumbled and even mentioned to the Speaker that it was getting, “longer and longer”. LINK

The answer is very, very simple Dodgyanswer the bloody question!!!!!

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