Tory MP Forced To Apologise For Talking Out Of His Arse

Derek Thomas, the Tory MP for St Ives, claimed that diabetes is “completely avoidable through good diet and exercise”. The level of ignorance, even for a Tory MP, is really quite staggering. He was forced to say he was “sincerely sorry” for his comments and that he would raise the issue with Hunt in the hope that no other Tory MP did the same thing and talked out of their arse; some hope!

It was explained to Thomas that, for a start, there are 2 forms of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes “is genetic” and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Type 2 diabetes, although linked to obesity, is “not preventable for all”.

Having had the rug pulled from below his feet he was forced to concede,

“I certainly got it wrong and I apologise for that. I certainly wasn’t going out to intentionally upset a number of people that can do nothing about their ill health, so I do apologise for the way that was worded.”

Kind of odd that he is only apologising for the ‘way it was worded’ and not for the words themselves. Still, he is a Tory.

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