Stuart Lancaster Does The Honourable Thing While Ian Ritchie Claims He Is The Man For The Job

Stuart Lancaster is a very honourable man and, with the press and media all needing to write about something, he found it was time to fall on his sword. His England team found themselves in the Group of Death which pretty much set in stone that he or one of the coaches from either Australia or Wales would be going out in the group stage. Not an excuse for any of them; just a fact.

lancaster walks

The really interesting thing is if you compare his ‘win percentage’ against his predecessors. It’s only Sir Clive who can hold his head up.


Having walked away we would have assumed he would have held the door open for Ian Ritchie to follow on behind him. Now here’s the funny thing. You see the man with rugby running through every part of his body has walked away while the one who will attach himself to any sport as long as they pay him handsomely has decided to hang on. Funny old world.


It certainly turned our stomachs here in the office at TheField to see a childhood hero, Bill Beaumont, sitting next to Ritchie and bumming him up in front of the press. Really made our toes curl.

Still, time moves on and we need to remember, “The King is Dead, Long Live the King!” So who should they appoint? Seems pretty obvious to us as there really is just one candidate as far as we are concerned. Ask Wayne Smith how much he wants to do the job and pay it – in full. Jobs a good ‘un.

wayne smith

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