You Wait Around For A Couple Of Days And Then Two Come At Once

Two days ago Tory MP Derek Thomas was forced to apologise for talking out of his arse. Link. Today we have sports minister Tracey Crouch [who?]

She has been forced to apologise for suggesting that some of her constituents who are struggling to make ends meet should give up things such as subscription TV. This was her ‘solution’ to those constituents who would have to make cuts if the vile Giddy Osborne gets his way of inflicting greater poverty with cuts to tax credits.

She helpfully reminded people who had not realised it that “you have to sometimes go without to make ends meet”. No doubt she passed on this excellent piece of advice as she made her way down to the Claims Office to make sure she got hers in before they all went off on holiday this week.

Perhaps while she is on her little break she could come up with a list of items that are suitable for those on benefits to spend their money on? No doubt top of the list would be all the ‘Own Brand’ items in the supermarket – provided they are allowed to use the supermarket! Perhaps they should be restricted to Aldi and Lidl? Maybe she would like to issue vouchers which are only redeemable at certain stores? Does she actually know her arse from her elbow? Who votes for these idiots?


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