Dodgy Dave Shows Just How Completely Out Of Touch He Really Is

Seems poor old Dodgy had a letter or two from his constituents in Witney, Oxford. It seems, quite understandably, they were not best pleased with the cuts that were planned for their local services. These cuts are on the record and are aimed at items such as elderly day centres, libraries and museums. There are also proposals to close police stations in and around Witney and the locals are most defiantly against that idea.

The police closures are because the force has to try and find savings of £60m while the other centres have to close because their grant has dropped from £194m to £122m.

Dodgy got his Parker pen and suggested that the police could make their savings without affecting front-line services and that he was “disappointed” to hear about the cuts to centres. He clearly finds it very difficult to comprehend how these cuts have come about – what does the bloke do all day???

The chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales pointed out how totally remote these politicians are from the real-world.

“It’s a bit disingenuous to have some politicians say they want to protect their own local police station but actually they know full well that it will be at the cost of other police stations around the country or indeed in the force.”

A gutless spokesman for the spineless Dodgy came out and claimed,

“He wants to see local authorities and the police making sensible savings through back-office efficiencies.”

Sounds more like he’s talking out of his back-office if you ask us.


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