So What Did Dodgy-Dave Do When He Didn’t Like The Result?

You may remember that back on Bonfire Night we brought you ‘What A Hoot!’ It is all about a petition to force a parliamentary debate about Dodgy and his bunch of sharks. They were looking for 100,000 signatures.

Now it will not come as any surprise to be told that this figure was reached but poor old Dave didn’t like that. So he got some officials to remove 6,000 names. Take them off, throw them away, shred them, remove them.

The claim is that these 6,000 signatures are ‘fraudulent’. Now that is a good one! Dismiss any signatures or votes you don’t like by claiming they are ‘fraudulent’. No doubt that when they are asked to explain this they will drag out the old ‘can’t go into any detail for operational reasons’.

The pisser for Dodgy though is that, even by throwing 6,000 away, there are still well over the 100,000 threshold to trigger the debate.

Don’t get excited though. There are two thresholds involved here. The 100,000 for the debate but at a much lower level it only needs 10,000 to be due a response from the Government. It reached that 3 months ago but has STILL not received a response. Odd that. LINK

Like we said on Bonfire Night, as with most things from Dodgy-Dave, it’s all Wind and Piss and the debate will never happen.

What Was I Thinking Of???

What Was I Thinking Of???

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