Giddy Osborne Tries To Hide His Financial Failures Away At The Fag-End Of A Friday

Government borrowing shows the worst October figures for six years – all part of the glorious economic plan no doubt!

Borrowing rose by £1.1bn compared to October last year and means that so far this year Giddy has borrowed £54.3bn. The knock on to this is that Giddy-Giddy has next to no chance of meeting the forecast of the Office for Budget Responsibility.

It means that the Chancer has pocket-money of just £15bn to last him right up until April 2016.

The only way he can make his figures work is to do one of two things. He can sell the whole country and everything that’s in it – including you and your labour, or he can simply stop spending and close down every school, hospital and, oh yes, Government and stop paying ANY of them; including every MP.

Out in the real world this is known as a total and utter failure. In the Giddy world this simple shows that “the job of rebalancing the economy is not yet done”.

So how is the financing of that unnecessary HS2 and Dodgy-Dave Airbus going?

To be fair there are boffins who work with Giddy who have come with a startling discovery – “borrowing remains too high”. Gosh! You don’t say. One if its problems is that there is a gap between what is coming in and what needs to go out.

Now that lack of income couldn’t be anything to do with those Tax-Cuts for the wealthiest could it? It couldn’t possibly be because all those ‘jobs’ he claims have been created are Zero-Hour contract jobs in everything except name and if they don’t earn, then they don’t pay tax?

While Gideon continues to be dishonest with the public along with hiding bad news at the fag end of the week when the papers have gone home then he needs to realise the chances of this Chancer ever becoming PM are getting closer and closer to zero.

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