Well, Well, Well. Coe Looks An Even Dodgier Git Than He Did Two Weeks Ago!

Two weeks ago we reported how incompetent he has been as the ‘Deputy President of the IAAF’. He was eight years in the post but didn’t see a thing – there are a few football managers who claim that old bollox. LINK

Well the latest hoot involves his paid position with sports supplier Nike who are based in Eugene, USA. Well, surprise, surprise, by pure luck, they have been selected to host the 2021 World Championships. Who’d have thunk it?

Not only that, it didn’t even get offered out for others to bid for! Gothenburg were keen to make an offer but they were given the mighty bums-rush as Coe looked over and saw the Eugene bid. According to an email the BBC has obtained there is even a paper trail concerning the Eugene award and ‘Seb’ – yes, nice friendly terms!

Once you are thought of as a Tory git, you will always be thought of as a lying Tory git.

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