Not Every Film Is A Blockbuster

Here are the Top Five Films that bombed, big time, in 2015.

Movie Worldwide box office gross Estimated production budget % return on budget Starring
1. Rock the Kasbah £1.9m £9.95m 19.13% Bill Murray
2. The Gunman £7.10m £26.5m 26.75% Sean Penn
3. Blackhat £12.8m £46.48m 27.71% Chris Hemsworth
4. Unfinished Business £9.56m £23.2m 41.14% Vince Vaugh
5. Jem and the Holograms £1.5m £3.3m 46.00% Juliette Lewis


Soon to appear in a DVD bin in a supermarket near you! Some right old stinkers here!

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