Trouble In The Corbyn Camp – Well, According To The Press

Now here’s a funny thing. Our glorious leader, El Presidente Dodgy-Dave, has what’s known as a ‘Working Majority’ in the Commons. He has 330 unthinking, uncaring, selfish automatons who sit on his side of the House. There are, if they are all taken, 650 seats in there. It’s not exactly difficult to see that even if the rest of the House all ganged up on him they couldn’t defeat El Presidente.

So why are the Press so keen to make out there is a big problem with the opposition and that they are divided? They have nothing to worry about. BUT WAIT!

So if every bum-kissing Tory sticks with Dodgy then he can’t lose except he is worried he might not win the vote. Ping! Gestalt Moment! Not every Tory is voting for Dodgy! Who knew?

Well the BBC, for one, don’t want you to. Obviously The Wail and The Ex-Press will keep quiet and Fox News would rather talk about cooking yet another turkey. Rather than discuss yet another division in the Dodgy camp it’s much better to fabricate a story about the other parties. A free-press? Our fat, hairy arses!

Here is the staty/anorak stuff if you fancy going through it: LINK

The Working Majority of 17 comes about because of:

Government majority calculated as Conservative MPs less all other parties. This calculation excludes the Speaker, Deputy Speakers (2 Labour, 1 Conservative), and Sinn Fein. There is also a vacant seat.

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