We Have High Hopes For The New Ofcom Boss But Has She Been Knobbled Already?

The last update we brought you on Broadband was back 07/11/2015 LINK.

The key points were that High-Speed Broadband was recognised as being 30Mbps. Jeremy Isa Hunt got people talking about 24Mbps and then that cak-for-brains, Ed Vaizey, tried to persuade everyone it was 10Mbps! Pure dumbing down because the whole rolling out process has been such an utter cock-up from start to finish. If they can lower expectation then they think they can get away with this substandard service.

We have high hopes of Sharon White as she takes over at Ofcom. What worries us is that her criticism, while highlighting rural homes, is talking about the failings to achieve 10Mbps.

We know exactly what will happen now. This figure will be pounced on and will become the standard speed. She should have said it was pitiful that 24MBps isn’t nationwide and that 10Mbps is totally unacceptable at this point in time.

We are going to get stitched up, again.

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