Well That Vote Last Night Has Put Paid To That Switch

Some of us here in TheField Towers Building used to vote Labour. Then on 12/05/1994 John Smith died and a little Tory-Lite shit called Tony Blair took over the party. From that day TheField has voted Green and were delighted that our votes got a Green MEP elected.

We here at TheField are like genuine football fans. We support teams that will never win anything – we are lucky if they win their next game! Doesn’t matter, they are our team and we believe in them. The same applies to politicians.

We could never vote for somebody simple because it looked they would win. The fan who suddenly supports Manchester City because they might win the league this year is not us. We have this crazy, old-fashioned idea of voting for people who represent the way we think. That is really the point of having a representative – they represent you!

With the election of Jeremy Corbyn there was a chance that the Tory-Lite Labour candidates might be flushed out. What became clear last night is that those who are Tory-Lite are going to hang on to what they have and are even willing to destroy the party they claim to represent.

There are calls that Labour are unelectable. We would agree with that. The reason being that before last night we would have returned to Labour as they once again represented our views. It is clear that they do not, so all those votes they needed, and we were willing to join, have just been thrown out of the window. Well done Hilary Benndo you really imagine your father would be proud of you?

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