As A Chocolate Lover You Might Want To Think About Switching Brands

As children we at TheField all loved a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate. In those days there were machines outside of shops where you could get a bar after the shops had closed – a real treat.

These days it is owned by Mondelez International and they are not very keen on paying any tax. In fact in the last five years their expensive accountants have meant that they have lawfully avoided paying tens of MILLIONS of pounds in tax. In 2014 it declared a profit of £149 Million.

You would have thought that Giddy Osborne would have been beating at their day demanding some sort of explanation as to how the hell they think they should be allowed to carry on like this. How odd then that Giddy-Giddy appears not to give a toss. Perhaps he’s got a sweet tooth?

This wouldn’t be quite so bad, although bad enough, but even with all these profits and sweeteners they have announced 200 job losses for January. Merry Bloody Christmas.

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