£50m Flood Fund Sounds A Lot Like That ‘Money No Object’ Claim For Somerset

While the papers and the TV can direct their goldfish-like attention on the floods in Cumbria and Lancashire Giddy is happy to announce all sorts of tosh. His latest is a pot of £50m for families and businesses with a limit of £5,000 for each family to claim to future proof their homes.

Giddy is doing the usual thing of appearing to be the benevolent one but it will actually be administered by local authorities. That way when the cak hits the fan old Giddy can say, “Nothing to do with me!”

The one promise he will need to keep is the £500 offered to homeowners who need temporary accommodation but, given our experience down here in Somerset, it is not clear what he will do about those families for whom £500 will run-out long before their homes are fit to live in.

The papers and the TV will have gone by then though so Giddy will just come out with some old cak and the BBC will say everything is just damn Dandy!

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