Heathrow Airport Expansion Decision Delayed Until May 6th 2016

This is the day after the London mayoral election and Dodgy-Dave is delaying the entire business community of the UK in an attempt to help his Tory Candidate.

It’s difficult to imagine that a prime minister could be so centred on the fortunes of his own party over that of the prosperity of the whole country but then that’s Dodgy for you.

The two declared candidates at this stage are Sadiq Khan and Tory millionaire Zac Goldsmith. Zac is a good old Etonian and in 1997 inherited a sizeable chunk of an estate that, at the time, was estimated to be worth £1.2 billion. They say that he and Dodgy get on very well together.

Well they did until Zac said, “I made a pledge in 2008 to my constituents that if the Conservative party in government gave a green light to expansion I would trigger a by-election.

“I did that shortly after David Cameron came to Richmond and said no ifs, no buts, there will be no Heathrow expansion. People loved what they heard.

“[Triggering a by-election] is a promise I would absolutely be obliged to honour. It is not something I would want to do. But I would be obliged to do it. I would not resign from the Conservative party, I would not resign from the mayoral contest. If there was a question mark I wouldn’t be here today. I am here as a hopeful Conservative candidate for an incredibly important campaign.”

The last thing Dodgy wants is a by-election and his concern for his party goes way above that of the country.

The business community are looking for a decision over airports and have reached the stage that they are starting to worry less about which decision is taken but that they do have one at last! At least if they have a decision they can start making plans for it but this just leaves them in limbo.

Dodgy-Dave proves once again he is only a party leader and is not a national leader. His judgement is entirely based on what is good for him, his friends and his party. The rest of the country are of no interest to him. He is the 1%, for the 1% and ONLY the 1%.


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