Duplicitous Dodgy-Dave Ducks ’N Dives Deregulation Double Dealing

Remember when Dodgy-Dave claimed that he would lead the ‘greenest Government ever’ load of old tosh? LINK That was in May 2010 and he was trying to win an election back then. Now he’s taken advantage of our unrepresentative system all he is worried about is money – his friends and his own.

Having kicked all his Green policies into the long marsh-grass he sneaked in a vote to permit his friends and party donors permission to Frack our country. That would be bad enough for those in the area of the Fracking but this has allowed them to do it below the National Parks, that we all own, and other protected sites such as those of special scientific interest. Well it seems pretty obvious that it will be extended to include these as somehow or another they didn’t get a mention today. A classic ‘wiggle room’ tactic.

As if to emphasis what a two-faced dodgy git he is, Cameron couldn’t even put it through parliament in the usual way. He didn’t allow any debate of the issue. Having left it until late last Tuesday, another attempt to slip it under the fence, the vote was deferred until Wednesday which meant it was voted for on ballot papers. When did you last hear of that happening? Never was a Dodgy-Git like Dodgy-Dave more accurately named.

two faced git green

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