So Just How Much Trash Did Dodgy-Dave Sweep Under The Carpet On The Last Day?

Dodgy was at his dodgiest on Thursday as he tried to swamp us with a small rain forests’ worth of documents – some 460 in total! He did it hoping that as it’s the holiday then nobody would bother to read any of it. He is such a dodgy git.

First up he tried to hide the fact that 10,000 asylum seekers have gone missing. The Home Office have no idea where they are. Next time he or May talk bollox about homeland security just ask him where the 10,000 are.

Dodgy reckoned he would dramatically reduce the number of Special Advisors working for the government. Utter bollox of course as he instantly increased the number of them to the tune of 23%. These chancers don’t come cheap. Dodgy has two, Ed Llewellyn and Craig Oliver, who are both on £140,000. In total they will cost us £8.4 million!

Nice to check-out the way they treat these advisors as well. Giddy is so dense he has 11 to keep him awake and tell him what to say: most have 3. He also managed to give Thea Rogers, who used to work for the BBC {!}, a pay rise of just 42%. That is not a typo! Forty-Two percent pay-rise. Talk about take the piss!

It also slipped out just how totally they have rejected the ‘Green Government’ tosh. Remember all that cak with Dodgy-Dave on his bike around London – all bollox. The ministerial car costs came to £2 million but that DOESN’T include Dodgy-Dave, Tess May, Floppy Hammond-Organ, Michael Forlorn-Hope or Theresa de Villiers. Heaven only knows what the true cost is.

One they certainly didn’t want to get an airing was a rather uncomfortable report concerning the Bedroom Tax and that utter two-faced bastard IDS. It found two-thirds of people affected by the cuts had to reduce the amount they spent on food and 78% often ran out of money before the end of the week.

It was also revealed, kicking and screaming, what some of these tory government officials are being paid. Ever heard of Simon Kirby? It seems he is the HS2 {who knew?} demi-god who is clearly on well over £400,000 a year. His side-kick is Jim Crawford {who?} and he is on £390,000 a year.

The bank setup by the tories to fund environmentally friendly projects pays the head, Ed Northam, £330,000 and the CEO, Shaun Kingsbury, picks up £325,000.

Apparently we have a Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, who is in to us for £200,000 while her mate, Peter Lewis, has to get by on just £160,000.

We learn we do actually have a head of HMRC although we doubt anybody at Amazon, Vodaphone, Starbucks and so on have ever heard of Lin Homer. She slips £185,000 in her purse and the permanent secretary of the Cabinet Office, John Manzoni, pulls in a cool £230,000 for all his vital, vital, vital work.

Not difficult to see why so many people suggest that they are all an utter bunch of chancers.

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