So Just How Much Of A Total Knobber Is Oliver Letwin?

First up we must declare an interest. Ollie Litter-Bin is our bone useless MP. Yes, of all the pointless entities we could have down here at TheField our ‘man’ is Ollieand what a fine mess he’s got us into.

Over his time our Ollie has really trodden in a lot of cak and carried it around on his shoes for quite a time. Back in 2001 he let slip that the Tories were looking to make cuts of £20bn while the homely face of Hague and Portillo were saying, “No, no, no. it’ll only be half that!” As if somehow that would be all right! He was quickly hidden away for the rest of the election but even Gordon Brown found a way of taking the piss by producing posters claiming, “Free The Dorset One!”

Having been educated at Eton and then getting into Cambridge he has strong views on education. It was nice for his constituents involved in education to hear that he “wouldn’t mind” using a state school in his West Dorset constituency but then added that he aimed to get his 10-year-old daughter into “a particular public school in London”. Nice.

He doesn’t like the idea of poor plebs having access to health care. In fact he has even suggested that the “NHS will not exist” within five years of a Conservative election victory. You start to see where the Tory dream of a privatised health system comes from.

Ollie likes to spread his dislike around to everyone and his next target was Sheffield and the people who live there. He picked on them saying that he did not want to see more families in the city taking cheap foreign holidays. When confronted on the street about this all he could manage was a typical spineless response we have come to expect from Tory MPs.

Perhaps the most insulting to this point, especially to his constituents, was the site of him wandering around a public park. He had official papers with him, including letters, and there was ripping them up and then dropping them into a public bin. The Information Commissioner’s Office confirmed that the papers were his constituents’ personal and confidential letters to him. What an arse.

During the big expenses scandal dear Ollie claimed for the repair to a burst water pipe …. running underneath his private tennis court! Unreal. He also tried to claim for the annual service to his AGA claiming that it was his, “only means of preparing hot food”. Our heart bleeds for him.

That then brings us to the latest incident. If anybody was having any doubts about what a nasty little man he is then this must have put the seal on. Unless, we guess, you are a brain-dead Tory voter.

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