Dodgy-Dave Talks Cak In His New Year Message And Our Media Don’t Challenge Him

Dodgy is mad-keen to keep telling us about his ‘long term economic load of old bollox’ and that the economy is ‘recovering’. Oh that it were true. It’s easy for most voters to miss this though as the media are hand-in-glove with the Tories and hide stuff away on page 7 or only report it on a day when something much bigger has occurred.

There have been numerous events through the year but let’s just look at three which have happened recently.

First we had the government borrowing figures. Giddy Osborne is doing such a great job that he had to borrow £14.2bn which is UP by £1.3bn on what he borrowed LAST YEAR. So rather than improving things Giddy is actually making it worse. That took the total borrow for the financial year to £66.9bn. His target is £68.9bn for the whole financial year so the chances of him meeting that are pretty remote. LINK

Then we have Giddy and his National Living Wage banner. He claims that through this then wages will rise by 3.5 per cent. Experts say that 2 per cent is far more realistic although we can all expect The 1% to exceed that 3.5% figure by quite some distance. LINK

Now we come to the overall picture and look at the 100 Share Index. Under the wonderful moves Giddy has made the Index ended the year LOWER than it started. It actually ended the year a full 5% lower than the start of the year. LINK

You have to wonder how on earth we can have a Chancer like Giddy running the finances of the country. Must be time for a change. P.S. Don’t mention either Ollie Litter-Bin or Lucy Allan. They were ‘last years’ thing.

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