Dodgy-Dave Plans To Build 13,000 Homes All On His Own

Well if you read it on face value you start to think that he will be doing the building himself! He’ll do nothing of the sort of course. His latest claim is that after 5 and a half years he is going to be “pulling out all the stops”. Yeah, right. We’ll believe it when we see it. He claims that this is a “huge shift in government policy” and many would ask, “Why the hell has it taken you so long Dodgy?”

Going into full ‘spin-mode’ Dodgy then got Downing Street to tell the media that this move marked a “radical new policy shift” with up to 13,000 homes being built on five publicly owned sites in 2016. Just wait a moment. Building just TEN homes is ‘up to 13,000’ – all there is set is a maximum, NOT a minimum. He loves the phrase, ‘up to’ – because it’s pretty damn meaningless!

On just five publicly owned sites means we are seeing these sites being hit with 2,600 homes each! Imagine if you live near one of those five sites with the prospect of 2,600 homes suddenly being built on your doorstep!

We’ll stick our necks out and predict that Witney will NOT be one of those five sites. Why the hell not spread them over the whole country?

Now the original tosh from Dodgy was about building 200,000 homes by 2020. What’s the betting he doesn’t get anywhere near that one either?


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