Giddy Osborne And His ‘Cocktail’ Lifestyle

The Chancer of the Exchequer, Giddy Osborne, is used to champagne, cocktails and, allegedly, other substances. So it comes as no surprise that his latest alibi for his own total incompetence means he refers to a “cocktail” – bet he wishes he could pour an ‘Old Etonian’.

Seeing that, despite all his utter waffle, out in the real world the cak is about to hit the fan it has dawned on his advisors that he needs to cover his arse if he is to still have any credibility with a slight prayer of being the next PMheaven help us!

His constant focus used to be the old Labour party but even Giddy has worked out he’s been the Chancer now for nearly SIX pretty cak years …. unless you are a 1%. He has now turned to blaming the rest of the world and claiming that it was ALL their fault. He really is a total chancer. LINK


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