Is Nikki Morgan-Gove STILL Pretending There Isn’t A Teacher Shortage?

Best she goes and tells a primary school in Yorkshire who will have to travel to another school for part of each day because of difficulties in recruiting a teacher. They will need to be driven to another school for their morning lessons. The teacher that left was already a Supply Teacher so they have not had a qualified teacher contracted to the school since last September.

A brainless halfwit from the Department of Education claimed that, “there was no shortage of primary school teachers.” How do these chancers get away with such utter tosh?

Out in the real world the National Association of Head Teachers said 59% of schools advertising for teachers “struggled” to get applicants and a further 20% failed completely to appoint anyone.

Teachers‘ recruitment expert Prof John Howson told the MPs on the Education Select Committee that the current teacher shortage was the worst since 2001-02. LINK

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