Dodgy-Dave Throws His Dolly In The Air Because He Has To Answer A Question

A real eye-opener for those of us who have watched his pathetic performances at Prime Ministers Not Answering Any Questions. The bloke is so far up his own arse he really doesn’t think that mere mortals should ever question of him on anything, ever.

He had to appear at a committee meeting of MPs and got in a right old strop when questioned to the point he blurted out, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Pompous git.

He then got pinned down on his absurd claim that there were 70,000 non extrememist opposition fighters in Syria. Everyone knew at the time that is was in the same league a Blair and his, “45 minutes” hog-wash but Dodgy-Dave was still sticking to his story.

He then got pinned down on some specific details and was forced to come out with the classic Sir Humphrey, “it’s a national security issue”. He got in a fit of pique and ended up doing the old ‘bang the table as I talk’ routine.

All in all, when it comes to it, in the cold light of day, with all things considered, he really is a total tosser. LINK with videos. LINK2 as a really smarmy git.

cameron reveals he couldn't give a toss fighters

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